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Understanding Blood Results

Presenter: Graeme Jones

Graeme has worked with blood results over the last 10 years helping clients and clinicians to understand what the results mean and how they can improve them.

Blood testing is a fantastic way to help provide more information about client’s physiology, diet and lifestyle, and can be used very effectively to help guide everyone from professional athletes to the everyday person to better health, wellbeing and performance.

Why should practitioners learn about blood tests?

Blood testing is a great way to:

  1. Screen for disease. Even if this is not your role as a practitioner (only doctors can diagnose disease), by running blood tests this can help to find anything doctors may not have checked for or may not have had the time/budget to look for.  Of course any results outside the range should be referred back to a client’s GP, this can go a long way to helping medical practitioners catch things before it takes up more of their time and NHS expense.
  2. Pick up dysfunction before it turns into a disease.   Diseases such as diabetes cause most damage actually before they are diagnosed.  If you check blood sugar over time you can track progress and prevent a disease such as this occurring with good lifestyle advice.
  3. Many blood tests can help to identify where lifestyle modification can be made.  A Hs-CRP test can identify low level inflammation that is highly influenced by lifestyle factors such as how people eat, sleep, drink and exercise.
  4. Thyroid, blood sugar, inflammation and more can be measured with simple finger prick tests.  Blood testing this way makes it easy and simple to gather physiological data and does not require those that hate needles to undergo unnecessary stress.
  5. Testing of any kind brings more reliability to your practice.  Testing should be used alongside client complaints and goals, but can help tell you what you need to focus on with your clients to achieve their goals.

During this course there will be lots of practical application and learning as participants will work using a number of case studies.  Any health or fitness based professionals from personal trainers to naturopaths, massage therapists and nutritionists will benefit from this course to help their work with clients.

During the course participants will learn:

  • The common blood test markers and what they tell you about your client’s physiology
  • Red flags and where a referral back to a doctor should be made
  • How you can use blood tests to guide clients to better lifestyle choices
  • Where blood tests can be used to guide you to more functional testing
  • The course will cover thyroid analysis, anaemia, cardiovascular risk, weight loss, inflammation, immunity, infections, sex and stress hormones and more.
  • What tests to run for chronic back pain, problematic weight loss and stress
  • Which blood tests can be used to show such things as the following:
  • Inability to gain muscle
  • Inflammation
  • Low energy
  • High stress levels
  • Poor Recovery
  • Muscle tissue breakdown
  • Cardiovascular risk
  • Vitamin and mineral insufficiencies
  • Metal toxicity

If you want to be able to look at your client more from an objective perspective and use more clinical evidence to guide them to better lifestyle choices, training and nutrition, then this course will help you achieve that.

The course is not designed for you to be able diagnose disease.  It’s to help practitioners more effectively  guide clients to better lifestyle choices.

What can practitioners expect to gain from this course?

  • Learn how to give behaviour, lifestyle and nutritional recommendations based on objective physiological data from blood tests
  • Learn red flags and how to work with a doctor when analysing blood tests
  • Understand more about the use of blood tests in clinical practice from personal training to physical and nutritional therapy
  • Gain access to Nordic laboratories blood tests so that you will be able to run your own blood tests with your clients(the tests discussed as part of the day course)
  • Continued practitioner support from Graeme
  • Learn how to interact with other medical professionals when performing blood testing
  • Understand where your role begins and ends as a practitioner and how you can safely help clients when using blood testing


Course dates:

13. Apr 2018
Understanding Blood Results
with Graeme Jones in Wakefield, West Yorkshire Book Now
10. Nov 2018
Understanding Blood Results
with Graeme Jones in Wakefield, West Yorkshire Book Now


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