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Understanding digestion: The cephalic phase

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As health practitioners, we are acutely aware of the importance of a good digestive system but there are so many elements that can affect its efficient functionality. A key factor that plays a major role in digestive health occurs even before the physical digestion process begins and is linked to the sight, smell, thought and […]

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Unlock the Meaning of the Integrative Health Education Logo

Ever looked at the Integrative Health Education logo and wondered what it means? As you’d expect, the design is significant; Emma Lane, who devised the logo explains what it all symbolises. The pyramid shape represents the strong foundation that education gives us. As we gain more knowledge, this knowledge helps us grow personally, and as […]

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The Destination Wellbeing Course – A Personal Story

Amanda Haskell suffers from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a connective tissue disorder that can result in serious injuries and leaves the sufferer in continual pain and discomfort. In her personal mission to improve her own health, Amanda has taken seven courses with Emma Lane, culminating in the recent three-day Destination Wellbeing course. Amanda says that Emma has […]

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We’re Coming to Camexpo 2016!

  Camexpo is considered to be the essential natural health and wellbeing event and Emma Lane, along with the Integrative Health Education and Parasite Testing Europe teams will be there. Find Integrative Health Education on stand 1522. Find Parasite Testing Europe on stand 1622. Camexpo is a brilliant place to get to up to date […]

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Toxic Metals and the threat they pose!


In Destination Wellbeing we learn how to assess and rebalance what I call the primary pillars of wellbeing, the individual areas affect the whole-being’s ability to be happy, healthy and whole on a daily basis. We look at a wide array of possible negative causative affecters from mitochondrial dysfunction, poor self worth to physical and […]

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INTEGRATIVE HEALTH EDUCATION brings together the best health educators from around the world to present a comprehensive programme of training opportunities. Course subjects include gastrointestinal health, parasites, fungus and bacterial infections, energy and emotional healing practices and mindfulness. If there is a subject you’d like to learn more about, but can’t find a course, just let us know.

Mission Statement

Our vision is that health practitioners can develop the skills and knowledge to employ a variety of practical methodologies that safely bridge the gap between conventional Western medicine and holistic healthcare practices.

Through our training courses we aim to give practitioners, whatever their approach to health and wellbeing, the knowledge, skills and tools that will enable them to deliver the best possible approaches to resolve their patients or client’s health challenges.

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