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Brill.  Emma delivers exceptional lessons every time.
David McKinnon – PT, Nutritionist

How was the instructor’s knowledge? This always makes me laugh! As if Emma wouldn’t have knowledge.
Overall experience – it gave me another big piece of the jigsaw to work out some of my own issues
Geek out time ????
Reviewing some of yesterday’s wisdom from the always awesome Emma Lane
My brain may still be a bit fried but I’ve learnt loads about one of the most notoriously difficult to treat health issues.
Samantha George – Nutritionist, Functional Medicine

It’s always a pleasure to be in a class that Emma teaches. There is always an abundance of information to go away with to help my clients. Great to see my mentors and fellow practitioners/coaches last weekend, I love you all. Mind-blown! An abundance of information to help clients re-address their health issues.
Correana White – Health Coach

I found this of upmost interest, a lot to get my head around but I will be using this information on myself.
Amanda Haskell – Holistics Health Practitioner

SO much information my brain aches. Invaluable for treating clients with SIBO.A must for practitioners who work in this area. Thank you and enjoy your year off Emma! Please come back in 2019!!
Jaclyn Dunne – Health Coach

Fantastic as always! Loads of information. Emma makes SIBO easy to understand and treat!
Joe Creek – Holistics Health Practitioner

Another fantastic course. Well-constructed manual to cover. Very challenging and diverse topic. Clearly covered and communicated by Emma. Thank you. A fantastic 3 days of mind blowing education that can only be of benefit to everybody.  3 amazing life coaches sharing their knowledge and insights into the wonderful world of wellbeing.  There’s no better place to be educated – and amongst a great group of practitioners/friends.
Louise Simmons – Health Coach

Fantastic group of likeminded health professionals which had a day’s professional coaching on SIBO. The SIBO course was extremely insightful and should be recommended to all health professional who want to improve a person’s wellbeing. It is well structured and delivered and the final part of gut function and it’s inter relationship with bacteria, fungus and parasites. Highly recommended.
Paul Melia – Practitioner

I have been taught by many practitioners and organizations in the world, but once again Emma delivers a world-class course on the topic of SIBO.  Importantly, all the information focused around practical application and latest research. Any practitioner working with SIBO must do this course.
Graeme Jones – Health & Wellbeing Physiologist, Nutritionist

I would highly recommend Emma and all of the team at Integrative Health Education. Emma’s courses are highly informative, well researched and presented and provide you with all of the tools that can be implemented into clinical practice from the very next day.
Chris Vassilou – Osteopath. Naturopath. Check HLC 2. CP2 

Fantastic Emma!  After realising the widespread presence of SIBO among my clients, I knew needed to know the Gold Standard in how to deal most effectively and knowledgeably with this difficult condition.  Following Emma’s SIBO course I now have clear information and understand the rationale behind it, that cuts through a complex topic and gives me the confidence, skills and methods of how to guide individuals through dealing with the process.  Thank you!
Clare Smith, ND

I have completed many of Emma’s courses over the past years. I attended my first course Fully functional gut over 6 years ago whilst working as a pharmacist. Emma’s knowledge and enthusiasm is complemented by her years of evidence-based practice and this inspired me to train as a nutritional therapist as this resonated with my science background. I recently completed the SIBO course with Emma and I can happily say it did not disappoint. The level of information was highly evidence-based as always and this was complemented by Emma sharing her knowledge of the practical application of the various protocols gained over her many years of working with clients with this condition. This insight is invaluable information for any practitioner wanting to learn more about supporting clients with SIBO and I thoroughly recommend the course to any practitioner working in this field.
Debbie Grayson – Pharmacist, Nutritional Therapist

Inspiring, patient relatable, structured, elegantly delivered. Packed full of information, advice and professionalism.
Paul Melia – Personal Trainer – Destination Wellbeing: Health Evolution – September 2017

Brilliant, informative and fun!
Angela Norton – Massage Therapist – Destination Wellbeing: Health Evolution – September 2017

Round 2! Fantastic! Awesome reminders which have empowered me to become clear as to my goals and processes to move forward. This “new” information has allowed me to gain more confidence in working with clients to create their wellness foundation.
Magnus Mulliner – Destination Wellbeing: Health Evolution – September 2017

Great course, I really enjoyed everything. There is a huge amount of fabulous information, I need time to go through it all in detail but I know there is loads of stuff that I will be using with clients and for myself.
Andrea Goodall – Nutritional Therapist – Destination Wellbeing: Health Evolution – September 2017

A huge thank you to all at IHE for organising yet another amazing weekend. For anyone wishing to create balance and wellbeing in their life, there is no better group of experts willing to share their wealth of knowledge. An opportunity for any health practitioner to gain valuable knowledge to help themselves and their clients…..I totally recommend the team at Integrative Health Education. Thank you Emma Lane for giving us this opportunity and for sharing your overflowing fountain of knowledge, and to top it all when you attend any of the courses available, you’ll have a huge amount of FUN!! Why not take a look and see what courses are available.
Louise Simmons – Practitioner Training Weekend – July 2017

Just home from an incredible practitioners weekend with Emma Lane and her team at Integrative Health Education. The level of knowledge shared was quite mind blowing… so much so, I am now booked onto another 4 courses!!!! If any holistic practitioners get the chance to learn from Emma then jump on it, you will not be disappointed. Check out the website for info on all the latest courses…. and be quick as Emma is taking a year off next year to finish writing her books!!
Jaclyn Dunne – Practitioner Training Weekend – July 2017

Excellent and well presented. This course raises awareness in observation of clients using visual signs as a key starting point.
Carl Godley – Tells of the Dis-eased Body – July 2017

I really enjoyed this course and fell that it provided me with a really sound knowledge base to take into my practice. I found the practical work so beneficial.
Stiana Hubert – Tells of the Dis-eased Body – July 2017

I really enjoyed the course, such a huge amount of life changing information. I look forward to empowering my clients to improve their health and wellbeing and to take control and responsibility for their life and health.
Louisa Pini – Destination Wellbeing: Health Evolution – May 2017

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. Helped me to focus on my own needs to fulfil a full, happy and fulfilled life, so that when I work I can help my clients to journey towards wellness.
Sally Tyler – Destination Wellbeing: Health Evolution – May 2017

Yet again another fantastic course from Emma Lane. I have learned so much today and cannot wait to put it into practice with my client.
Marina Swain – Tells of the Dis-eased Body – March 2017

Excellent course. Lovely to see passion for the subject matter and a willingness to engage with students to help them as much as possible.
Iain Laird – Tells of the Dis-eased Body – March 2017

Fascinating! A person’s life story is written on their face, you just have to learn to read it. Emma’s knowledge and experience just never ceases to amaze me as she teaches you to read a face like an open book. Amazing information, that is totally applicable, presented in an interactive and fun way. It will forever change the way you look at yourself in a mirror and the way you look at another person’s face.
Sandra Schlup – The Facial Tells of Emotional Dis-ease – November 2016

Having worked in the Health and Wellness field for over 28 years and having spent much time and investment in furthering my knowledge and skills I can share with you that Emma’s course – Destination Wellbeing: Health Evolution is not only different to any other course I’ve attended, but also simply, so amazingly practical. You’ll be presented with a positively worded x 12 questionnaires, which assisted me personally and my clients in gaining clarity as to which field or ‘spoke of the wellness wheel’ needs to be addressed first. I’ve undertaken x 3 CHEK HLC II and x 1 CHEK HLC III courses and I can tell you they are very different in their applications and processes to Destination Wellbeing. I love the fact that with Emma’s Destination Wellbeing course one can succinctly choose which questionnaires to use and to methodically map out accurately where one is or ones client and what the next step is. I’ve discovered that when I worked proactively on my Detox and Energy Balance Mapping, the signs and symptoms went away and I became more centred in my Destination Wellbeing. My focus and energy levels were enhanced after only one week. With one specific client it was easy to see where they were and what needed to be addressed to bring about their own balance and homeostasis. Self-Purpose Mapping was key. Once they gained an understanding to their maximum potential, many of their other cybernetic symptoms were reduced. I highly recommend any Doctor, Health Professional or indeed any person just interested in their own wellbeing to complete this structured empowering Destination Wellbeing course, it truly is a vitality and wellness investment and the ‘side effects’ to following the course is an enhanced quality of life.
Magnus A. L. Mulliner B.Sc (Hons)., M.Sc., CMTA II., CHEK HLC III

Thank you Emma Lane for sharing your knowledge. Such a great course and a shed load of tools to use with my clients. Definitely a must for anyone who wants to create wellbeing for their clients and also for themselves. I feel blessed for knowing you.
Correana White – Destination Wellbeing: Health Evolution – November 2016

Absolutely brilliant! Emma’s extensive experience, knowledge and understanding of the human being is simply mind blowing. All of Emma’s courses are jam packed with information that is both practical and applicable, providing you with lots of tools that can be implemented right away to gain true healing outcomes for yourself and your clients. Messages from Within is no exception! Exploring the link between our emotions and organs, how an organ influences our behaviour and how behaviour influences an organ. Each course fits together perfectly like puzzle pieces giving you incredible insight. So very inspiring. Thank you Emma!
Sandra Schlup – Messages from Within – November 2016

Always a great time with Emma. I appreciate all the knowledge she shares.
Vanessa Williams – Messages from Within – November 2016

Over the weekend I took 2 courses with Emma Lane “Emotions & the Organs” & “Facial Tells of Emotional Dis-ease” WOW wow wow!!! They blew my mind with new information that I know would be very hard to find anywhere else…. I feel ahead of the game now :) I highly recommend these 2 classes, along with every other one because the knowledge that you gain can be applied on a personal and professional level. Thank you Emma Lane for sharing your wisdom with us in Miami we are so grateful that you came!
Natassia Akil – November 2016

This course has provided me with a lot of new information, presented in a way that was easy to understand and very applicable. A really great manual too!
Kristen Stafford – Messages from Within – November 2016

I loved it! Excellent info, great teaching. I am looking forward to the next course!
Vilija Conley – Messages from Within – November 2016

Fantastic, excellent teacher and fantastic materials.
Adabelle Princz – Facial Tells of Emotional Dis-ease – November 2016

A very interesting course to gather more information about patients.
Natalia Lanza – Facial Tells of Emotional Dis-ease – November 2016

The Facial Tells of Dis-ease course links so well with the Messages from Within course. I would like to also take the Tells of the Dis-ease course to better understand all of the information.
Kristen Stafford – Facial Tells of Emotional Dis-ease – November 2016

Great course – very cool! It was on point and you can read a persons history from just looking at them.
Vanessa Williams – Facial Tells of Emotional Dis-ease – November 2016

Thank you Emma Lane for sharing your knowledge. Such a great course and a shed load of tools to use with my clients. Definitely a must for anyone who wants to create wellbeing for their clients and also for themselves. I feel blessed for knowing you.
Correana White – Destination Wellbeing: Health Evolution – November 2016

Excellent course! Really enjoyed this class, lots of information. I found the time passed very fast. I am glad I took this class as I needed to learn this for myself and for others. I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to improve their own health and for professionals for their clients.
Kimberly Digmon – Holistic Approaches to a Fully Functional Gut – November 2016

Very, very good course. Emma is an excellent instructor. Her knowledge is unbelievable. An amazing two days. Thank you!
Anne Dorward – Holistic Approaches to a Fully Functional Gut – November 2016

An amazingly informative, enlightening and life changing course. The content is incredibly helpful and insightful. Emma is a truly inspiring lady and I am very grateful for her time, information and wisdom.
Jenny Prutton – Destination Wellbeing: Health Evolution – November 2016

An amazing, knowledge packed course. Well presented with clear, precise information. Easy to apply, I am enthusiastic to take it away and use it.
Louise Simmons – Destination Wellbeing: Health Evolution – November 2016

Fantastic! I expected to feel overwhelmed but the folder is incredibly easy to use and the information easy to reference.
Jude Beckett – Destination Wellbeing: Health Evolution – November 2016

Incredible! Really impressed and feel like i’ve learnt life changing information; both in regards to my own personal health and the health of the people around me. Not only did it cover every single aspect of wellbeing but it linked it all together. If only every health profession could do that! I can’t wait to put the practical knowledge into practice! Thank you.
Amanda Lester – Destination Wellbeing: Health Evolution – November 2016

Very inspiring! I’ve learnt so much and feel much more prepared to work with clients on a more holistic level. Its been great to not only get the knowledge but the tools to use too.
Louise Critchlow – Destination Wellbeing: Health Evolution – November 2016

Excellent framework that can be immediately applied to my practice. Exceptional level of course materials provided to take away. As always Emma’s passion, knowledge and humour makes the course a real pleasure to be on. Thank you.
Deborah Bulcock – Destination Wellbeing: Health Evolution – November 2016

Outstanding. Having read and studied and practiced fungal and parasitic support for people for over a decade, I found greater clarity and confidence in this support process from this course that I have from anywhere else.
Terence Carfrae – The World of Parasites, Fungus and Bacteria – October 2016

Excellent information highly useable and super professional as always. Thank you!
Michelle Neisler – The World of Parasites, Fungus and Bacteria – October 2016

I was excited about this workshop and it did not disappoint. Emma has an abundance of knowledge and I would highly recommend her teachings!
Sue Collins – The Facial Tells of Emotional Dis-ease – October 2016

Great 3 days attending Destination Wellbeing: Health Evolution course taught by the amazing Emma Lane at Integrative Health Education. A course that covers every aspect of acheiving true wellbeing. Lots of information backed up with research and well presented that can be applied utilising an easily applicable model. Highly recommend to any PT’s, therapists, health professionals and coaches looking to improve not only their clients health and performance but also their own.
Lee Ransom – Destination Wellbeing: Health Evolution – September 2016

Well well well Emma Lane, as usual you never fail to deliver. I should know by now having done six courses and spending three practitioner weekends with you that that it would be filled with knowledge beyond my expectation but this weekend ‘Destination Wellbeing’ has not only taken it to a whole nother level, it has taken it into a different galaxy! I have learnt so much and come away with a totally different ‘mindset’ it’s all there in this course and despite being so incredibly deep and filled with an abundance of knowledge it made so much sense. I’ve come away feeling a different person, I now know exactly what I have to address in my own life and also how to help my clients gain their absolute genetic potential in health and wellbeing. I’ve also made some lovely new friends. I feel blessed that I ‘happened’ upon you 4 years ago, you have changed my life in such a positive way. Destination Wellbeing is an absolute must for any practitioner who is serious and passionate about not going getting people fit but giving them the tools to become whole, happy, healthy and balanced human beings.
Amanda Haskell – Destination Wellbeing: Health Evolution – September 2016

Fantastic! Well researched and presented and totally different to what everyone else is doing in the fitness world.
Nisha Srivastava – The Facial Tells of Emotional Dis-ease – September 2016

Brilliant, thorough and I really love Emma’s energy in general. Emma is very knowledgeable and I will definitely be looking into more courses with her.
Lucy Scales – Messages from Within – September 2016

A great weekend – really enjoyed it! I liked the range of topics and the mix of presentations and interactive themes. The BBQ was good fun and excellent food.
Andrea Goodall – Practitioner Training Weekend – July 2016

Absolutely awesome. Unbelievable qualify of instruction, information and entertainment.
Clare Smith – Practitioner Training Weekend – July 2016

An amazing weekend of knowledge, companionship with other likeminded practitioners. Great to meet and learn from ALL the IHE presenters. A great all round package!
Louise Simmons – Practitioner Training Weekend – July 2016

A really interesting course that any health practitioner should have an awareness and understanding of. Graeme is well versed in the area and keenly shares his knowledge. The course material is comprehensive which you can take away for clinic use.
Deborah Bulcock – Understanding Blood Results – May 2016

A good course for understanding how blood tests and functional tests can inform your practice and remove potential guess work.
Debbie Grayson – Understanding Blood Results – May 2016

A fantastic insight into reading the body. I can visualise using the readings and tools at work and with my family! It was very refreshing that the manual flowed with the day’s activities. Many courses I attend don’t seem to!
Holly Myers – Tells of the Dis-eased Body – May 2016

I am looking forward to integrating this into my day to day work with clients. As ever a fantastically sense course. I need time to practice now.
Adam Cox – Tells of the Dis-eased Body – May 2016

Great course. Emma is very knowledgeable and explained everything really well. I learnt lots of information which will help improve my own health and wellbeing and pass onto my clients. I really enjoyed it and couldn’t recommend it enough.
Clare Ward – Holistic Approaches to a Fully Functional Gut – April 2016

I was extremely impressed with the course material and the level of Emma’s knowledge. The material was well presented, thorough and up to date and in a format I feel comfortable to be able to use immediately with clients.
Suzie Wylie – Holistic Approaches to a Fully Functional Gut – April 2016

Absolutely first class course yesterday at Integrative Health Education!! Emma Lane’s mind and presentation is incredible. Honoured to have a bundle more of her wisdom shared with me! Emotions in the Organs – a really fascinating subject and highly practical – can’t wait ‘til Monday to put it into practice immediately!!!
Clare Smith
Messages from Within – Emotions and the Organs course, January 2016

We all bring our gifts, our lessons or experiences into this world. What Emma Lane and Integrative Health Education bring is quite simply, unique, practical, applicable and essential for not only us the students but our family, our clients / patients indeed our community. Saturday was amazing and came with not only an essential file/notes but once again practical experiences and life like examples of what messages we can LISTEN, observe and as professional coaches direct / invite selves and others to make smarter, life enhancing habitual choices so that we improve our/ their quality of life. After all our true wealth is our health and it’s not what we tell our children’s, children etc., it’s how we show up in the being of Optimal Vitality. Bring on Sunday – “The Facials Tell of Emotional Dis-ease”.
Magnus Mulliner
Messages from Within – Emotions and the Organs course, January 2016

As usual I am blown away by the level of knowledge and understanding of the human BEING I have gained today. The body is constantly ‘telling’ us what it needs to maintain balance and good health. We just need to learn to listen and act upon this communication. Emma Lane, you never cease to amaze me. Thank you for sharing your incomparable wisdom and intuition with us, in such a unique way that makes learning lots of fun and gives us an appetite for more.
Nigel Nicholas
Messages from Within – Emotions and the Organs course, January 2016

Excellent progression and pace through the day. A brilliant manual and activities to help understanding and feel confident with the info.
Abbey D
The Facial Tells of Emotional Dis-ease – January 2016

Amazing information, totally applicable. Loved the content and well presented. Loved the course.
Louise Simmons
The Facial Tells of Emotional Dis-ease – January 2016

Very thorough and detailed course, and the practical elements bring it all to life. Emma is a very knowledgeable tutor and teaches at a good pace.
N Shubrook
Tells of the Dis-eased Body, September 2015

I thoroughly enjoyed this course because it was exactly what I was looking for. Emma was extremely engaging, her knowledge and passion were a testament to her teaching style.
R Sembi
Holistic Approaches to a Fully Functional Gut, October 2015

Emma is a great presenter, very knowledgeable, but also keeps it light hearted and it is fantastic to have the material to take away. Just makes me realise how much I want to learn.
P Comber
Tells of the Dis-eased Body – May 2015

Emma’s courses are always extremely well structured and well presented. The wealth of information she imparts is, quite simply, second to none. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her courses. If you work in any type of healing or therapy, spend your money with Emma.
Angie Appleton
Tells of the Dis-eased Body – May 2015

This course is so useful to let clients recognise their body is asking for help – seeing is believing, and for me personally, it got me back to walking the talk more and listening to my own body. It has been asking for help and now it can no longer be “unseen”.
S Thomas
Tells of the Dis-eased Body – May 2015

My name is Martin Alonzo and i am a student of Emma Lane.  I took her: Holistic Approach to a Fully Functional Gut course, and Level 1- in San Diego, Ca.  Over the years i have used the course information to make substantial positive changes in the health of my clientele.  Recently i had to go on a 10 day cycle of some heavy antibiotics.  The first dose knocked my digestive system out!  I had diarrhea within 16 hours and i knew that if i did not get control of my GIT health i was getting set up for extreme side effects and permanent negative changes to my health.  I immediately went back to my course material for direction.  All my answers were there.  I immediately went to work and obtained all the necessary probiotics and immune stimulators that would get me through the course of antibiotics with as little damage as possible.  My symptoms changed immediately!  I was able to maintain a high level of wellbeing and physical strength during the course-and rebuilding after.  I am very thankful and indebted to Emma’s information.  I honestly feel that it saved my health.
Martin Alonzo-CN, CHEK Practitioner, SCS

I have been to lots of courses and seminars and whenever I do an Emma Lane course I always go away with a huge amount of information. Not only that, I get practical skills I go away with to use straight away with clients. It really bridges the gap with allopathic and holistic medicine and care.
Benjamin Cooper – Exercise, Lifestyle and Nutrition Coach
The World of Parasites, Fungus and Bacteria, December 2014


Emma is great! Engaging and really knowledgeable. Always willing to answer questions. I’ve really enjoyed both the courses I have attended so far and I like the small class sizes too.
Sue Smith
The World of Parasites, Fungus and Bacteria, December 2014

This is the first practitioner weekend that I have attended. Overall the content was excellent, useable and interesting. I liked the relaxed atmosphere and I loved being outside (sort of!) whilst attending the lectures.  Integrative Health is an exceptionally high level community of practitioners and staff that all work together to provide the best learning experience you could hope for.
Liz Williams
Practitioner Training Weekend, September 2014

A lot of “ah ha” moments in this course! I feel so much more enabled and empowered to heal my clients once and for all. An absolutely wonderful course full of legitimately the BEST and leading-edge information out there. I would recommend these course to anyone and every practitioner could benefit immensely from it.
Kelly Bentley – World of Parasites, Fungi and Bacteria – Level 1 – May 2014

I love taking Emma’s courses! I find her approach respectful, clear, dynamic and well organised. She always gives all the attention required by the participants. I love the fact that she’s innovative and provides information from the science sources all adapted for us. Thank you Emma.
Mariya Teneva – World of Parasites, Fungi and Bacteria – Level 1 – May 2014

Emma is a fountain of knowledge. It’s been an honour and a pleasure to learn from her wisdom. Keep up the good work!
Brendan Fox – Holistic Approaches to a Fully Functional Gut – May 2014

Emma delivers a concise yet understandable “fully functional gut” course. If your intention is to help your clients to achieve increased energy and wellbeing, then I highly recommend that you invest on this course without hesitation.
Chris Salmon, Practitioner
Holistic Approaches to a Fully Functional Gut, November 2013

I really enjoyed this course, lots of really useable information, very helpful, and inspired renewed interest.
Fiona Joyce, Centre Coordinator
Holistic Approaches to a Fully Functional Gut, September 2013

This course has been extremely helpful. I was able to connect the dots for my symptoms and fully understand the underlying cause of the symptoms. Something no one else has done. The best part is the practical application of the information.
Magdelyna Farysej
Holistic Approaches to a Fully Functional Gut, June 2013

This course was incredible and very informative. If anyone is looking to broaden their knowledge on nutrition, gut pathology and health, this is for you.
Claud Serjeant, Co-Director Move Three Sixty
Holistic Approaches to a Fully Functional Gut, October 2012

I have had the privilege of studying the PowerPoint presentation on The World of Parasites, Fungi and Bacteria – Level 1 (How to deal with unwanted guests) put together by Emma Lane under the auspices of Integrative Health Education. I was very impressed by the amount of information provided and the quality, accuracy, and coverage of the presentation.  The systematic and clinical knowledge presented was carefully and elegantly integrated with the associated pathogenic and parasitic organisms involved. This presentation is a must for practitioners in the field of natural/clinical medicine, parasitic and pathogenic infections. It is sufficiently broad spectrum to also address background and associated ecological and epidemiological parameters involved in the infection process. Related elements of non-infectious nature are not overlooked.
Dr Omar Amin – Ph.D, founder of PCI, Professor of Parasitology


I had a fantastic time on the Fully Functional Gut course and have expanded my knowledge substantially as Emma packs so much information into the course. This has been the case on any workshop or course I’ve attended with her. Always well worth the investment in time and money.
Bianca South – Naturopathic Nutritionist

Emma’s GI course is absolutely first rate. Don’t waste your time doing functional diagnostic courses or learning how to interpret blood tests until you have mastered what is in her 2 day course. She will show you that most people’s problems start with how, when and what they eat and that until you have dealt with these problems it is utterly pointless spending a lot of money on lab tests and supplements. Her course is ESSENTIAL to anybody working as a health care professional and anybody who wants to “be healthy”.
Chris Maund – BSc Hons PE and Sports Science, C.H.E.K Certified, NMT Certified

I have attended a number of courses run by Emma over the years. All of which have proved to be of tremendous value and benefit for my work with patients and clients but most importantly I have always learnt new methods to improve my own health.  Anyone looking for the latest, most up to date information along with solid practical ways to implement changes on themselves and with patients/clients should attend any of Emma’s courses!
Michael Clark – Registered Osteopath, Co-founder of Clarks Healthcare

Emma’s knowledge of restoring health and well-being is second to none. Emma has walked the trail of health restoration herself and has learned the steps first hand, making her an authentic teacher for anyone. I have worked closely with Emma for many years. In that time, I have referred her many complex clients and she has always done an excellent job of guiding and educating them back to optimal health. Any course you take from Emma will be grounded in reality, practicality, and the materials presented will be well grounded in her own clinical practice and experience. Enjoy!
Paul Chek, HHP Founder, C.H.E.K Institute

This was one of the best workshops I have attended. Emma has an amazing amount of knowledge about the GI tract and knows exactly how to pass it on so you can use it for your own health and for your clients. But what really made it outstanding for me was that every bit of knowledge came with a real case and example not just theory but how it works in praxis, too. Highly recommend it, if you are a health practitioner it is a must and even if you are not, this knowledge will serve you for life!
Stefanie Thomas  – CHEK Practitioner II, HLC II, CMTA, PN Nutrition Coach, Fitness Instructor, ICF ACC

Emma teaches precisely, practically and with an incredible depth of knowledge on the issues that hold us back in terms of the overall well-being of our internal landscape, how to deal with these issues and take responsibility for our physical health. The Internal Martial Arts of Qigong and Taichi emphasise knowledge of feeling and moving from deep within the body. Emma has provided me with pivotal information in understanding how internal physical health will affect our capacity to understand how we move and where we are stuck, literally, which can prevent gains in rehabilitation and optimum performance. The clarity of teaching given in just one course has given me enough information and confidence to help my students and clients improve their physical health effectively in-line with their movement practice and daily well-being.
Rajan Choudhary – KMI Practitioner & Tai Chi Instructor

As a qualified pharmacist I thought I knew a lot about how the body works and what to do when it doesn’t but I soon found out I was wrong. Having done a variety of courses over the years I can honestly say that I have never met a more knowledgeable or enthusiastic teacher. During the course Emma shared some of her vast knowledge with us in a way that ensured that everyone understood regardless of his or her level of knowledge. Emma’s enthusiasm and knowledge had me hooked and wanting to know more.  Emma inspires you to begin your own quest for knowledge and health.
Deborah Grayson – Pharmacist,  C.H.E.K HLC II.

Awesome – thoroughly enjoyed the day. hugely valuable.
Karen Maidment – Health & Nutrition Specialist

The most detailed and informative course about gut function and optimising ones health. Friggin awesome course Emma. So much has been learned and so much more to learn. Thank you for a life enhancing course.
Magnus Mulliner – Health Coach & Business Owner

Emma thank you so much for a wonderful course. Can’t wait for the parasite course. The manual is outstanding, the information is essential. Congratulations. Amazing!
Janet Alexander – Senior Instructor – Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) – Advisory Board Member Fitness & Exercise

Again a wonderful learning experience with Emma. Invaluable knowledge presented in a format so conducive to easy learning and application.
Tye Ovent – Acupuncture and TCM practitioner

Amazing course, the “missing link” when dealing with digestive issues.
Lya Wodraska – HLC Level 2

Can’t wait to get stuck into the course notes and start studying the info in depth. Amazing course. Thanks for designing it for us Emma! Emma Lane…your course is amazing!
Andy Mills – Corrective Exercise Specialist

Emma has done it again with another kick ass, real world course that can be implemented straight away into your practice, with as much information as you could possibly take in and use, all in a relaxed, friendly environment. Another course from Emma that comes highly recommended!
Niall Kelly – Holistic Health Practitioner

The Fully Functional Gut course has been a hug eye opener, after working for many years in the health industry at last there is a course that not only teaches you the ‘what’s’ and ‘why’s’ of certain symptoms, but also provides the healing options to recover and rebuild. It is very rare to attend a course where you are given the information on how one can heal the large amount of gut issues we and our clients are now experiencing. Emma is completely open to sharing her depth of experience in this matter which such authenticity.
N Jenkins – Yoga Instructor, KMI Practitioner

Really enjoyed the course, great atmosphere, amazing knowledge, very nice people, learnt lot’s. Feel a bit brain dead!
Lorna Clansey – AMATSU Practitioner

Spent the entire weekend immersed in an internal underworld of knowledge about all the clever little bugs and fungus that can hop on board our bodies and be a hidden health challenge and underlie and exacerbate many of the stubborn issues and chronic illnesses lots of people struggle with. Feeling enlightened and empowered to seek them out, know how to address them and to rebalance and liberate bodies and minds. Highly recommend anyone to do this course!!
Clare Smith – Functional Medicine Practitioner, Sports Therapist

Great weekend with a leading Authority on Parasites and Fungus. Thank you, Emma Lane for providing such an in depth learning experience. Thoroughly recommended to anyone in the Health and Fitness Industry who’s serious about coaching their clients to health and wellness. You won’t be disappointed!
C Bickley – Corrective Exercise & Pilates instructor, Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 2

Thanks to Emma for an amazing weekend of fungus and parasites. Great information, highly relevant and applicable and more importantly, easy to apply straight away!
G. Jones – Physiologist

Brilliant!!! Very informative with lots of practical advise to use with clients. Brilliant manual, a lot more information than expected but delivered really well and clearly. Instructor knowledge outstanding. Great idea to do onsite testing, very useful and I would definitely recommend this course. Thanks Emma!
L Williams – Pilates Instructor / PT

Another amazing course with Emma. Full of brilliant, useable knowledge to take home to clients.
Nigel Nicholas – Health & Exercise Coach

I feel blessed to be able to learn from such a knowledgeable person. I thank the universe for bringing Emma Lane into my life. Thank you Emma for sharing your wonderful knowledge with us. It was a brilliant course. I’m looking forward to the next one.
Correana White – P.T & Holistic Lifestyle Coach

This course exceeded my expectations and I feel like I had so many questions about my GI tract answered. I look forward to using it.
Catherine Tracy

Emma has been a true inspiration. I would like to thank her for delivering a great course and for educating me in many areas. The course has influenced me to change my life and others through the knowledge that I have been given from Emma.
Panayioda Kilikita – Gym Instructor

Wow what great information that is so user friendly and I will be able to utilise it straight away with my clients.
J Crawford – Sports Massage Therapist

Emma’s FFG Course provides information that can definitely help you apply it with clients. It exceeded my expectations. I recommend it to everyone. Thank you Emma!
Natassia Akil – HLC



INTEGRATIVE HEALTH EDUCATION brings together the best health educators from around the world to present a comprehensive programme of training opportunities. Course subjects include gastrointestinal health, parasites, fungus and bacterial infections, energy and emotional healing practices and mindfulness. If there is a subject you’d like to learn more about, but can’t find a course, just let us know.

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Our vision is that health practitioners can develop the skills and knowledge to employ a variety of practical methodologies that safely bridge the gap between conventional Western medicine and holistic healthcare practices.

Through our training courses we aim to give practitioners, whatever their approach to health and wellbeing, the knowledge, skills and tools that will enable them to deliver the best possible approaches to resolve their patients or client’s health challenges.

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