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Tells of the ‘Dis-eased’ Body

Tells of the Dis-eased Body

One-day course
Presenter: Emma Lane

Can you spot the early warning signs that indicate the body is out of balance and heading for ill health? During this one-day course attendees will learn valuable naturopathic ways to recognise and interpret the body’s early warning system. Attendees will gain new tools to help diagnose a client’s current or possible future health concerns.

During this workshop practitioners will:

    • Develop a comprehensive overview of the body’s early warning signs and associations with potential disease development;
    • Learn facial and tongue analysis, visceral somatic referral patterns and nail analysis;
    • Gain tools to understand clients’ internal ecology and where appropriate in-clinic tests will be discussed;
    • Gain new confidence in reading the language of the body and when it is asking for help.

Course Information

Did you know that a prominent diagonal crease on the ear lobe is associated with coronary heart disease or that nail colour can warn of Type 2 Diabetes, breast cancer or coronary heart disease? During this one-day workshop, leading naturopathic nutritionist Emma Lane will bring together naturopathic, Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine viewpoints in a way that practitioners can use to identify current and potential health issues.

By being able to read the language of the body, practitioners will be able to identify possible bigger health problems that clients may face in the future and put in place strategies to reduce that likelihood.

During the day practitioners will learn to spot the visible signs of nutritional deficiencies as well as other indicators which, when combined with other data and health information, can help practitioners to accurately uncover their client’s health problems.

This is a must-do course for anyone interested in further developing their knowledge of the body and who wants to gain new diagnostic tools to develop a truly comprehensive picture of a client’s health.

The day includes practical exercises and Emma will share examples from her own client practice. Attendees will take away reference materials and an increased confidence in the diagnosis skills.

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INTEGRATIVE HEALTH EDUCATION brings together the best health educators from around the world to present a comprehensive programme of training opportunities. Course subjects include gastrointestinal health, parasites, fungus and bacterial infections, energy and emotional healing practices and mindfulness. If there is a subject you’d like to learn more about, but can’t find a course, just let us know.

Mission Statement

Our vision is that health practitioners can develop the skills and knowledge to employ a variety of practical methodologies that safely bridge the gap between conventional Western medicine and holistic healthcare practices.

Through our training courses we aim to give practitioners, whatever their approach to health and wellbeing, the knowledge, skills and tools that will enable them to deliver the best possible approaches to resolve their patients or client’s health challenges.

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