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Holistic Approaches To A Fully Functional Gut

Fully Functional GutPresenter: Emma Lane

The Holistic Approaches To A Fully Functional Gut is a two-day fully comprehensive course on the function and dysfunctions of the digestive tract and the different approaches that will bring it back to full health. Over the weekend leading naturopathic nutritionist, Emma Lane, will share her extensive knowledge and attendees will gain:

  • In-depth information on the far-reaching effects gut dysfunction can have on the whole body
  • How to recognise a myriad of gastrointestinal issues and the relationship between common health problems and the gut
  • How to differentiate common problematic digestive conditions and their likely causes
  • A wealth of naturopathic treatment options and tools to restore true health through natural approaches that create intestinal balance


‘Emma’s GI course is absolutely first rate. Don’t waste your time doing functional diagnostic courses or learning how to interpret blood tests until you have mastered what is in her 2-day course. She will show you that most people’s problems start with how, when and what they eat and that until you have dealt with these problems it is utterly pointless spending a lot of money on lab tests and supplements. Her course is ESSENTIAL to anybody working as a health care professional and anybody who wants to “be healthy”.’

Chris Maund - BSc Hons PE and Sports Science, C.H.E.K Certified, NMT Certified

Course information

Naturopathic nutritionist Emma Lane will take you on a guided tour of the digestive system explaining the normal digestive processes and the many things that can happen to interfere with them.

Drawing on her 25 plus years of experience and success in working with those suffering from digestive problems, Emma will share her insights and provide an in-depth education for holistic healthcare practitioners.

Common problematic digestive conditions such as constipation, duodenal and stomach ulcers, gall bladder and liver issues, diarrhea and inflammatory bowel diseases will be covered and how you can differentiate between the many and often confusing symptoms and interpret the information to effectively create the best approach.

Guidelines on how to adjust treatments for each individual’s requirements will be discussed. Emma will walk you through the successful naturopathic approaches that she has found to be most effective to help clients restore a healthy, fully functioning gastrointestinal system, using only natural, safe, legal remedies and approaches.

Like all INTEGRATIVE HEALTH EDUCATION courses, attendees will be able to immediately apply the knowledge in their practice to guide clients towards optimal health.

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To book your place on the course please scroll down to click on the event you would like to attend.

Places are limited so will be offered on a first come first served basis.

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INTEGRATIVE HEALTH EDUCATION brings together the best health educators from around the world to present a comprehensive programme of training opportunities. Course subjects include gastrointestinal health, parasites, fungus and bacterial infections, energy and emotional healing practices and mindfulness. If there is a subject you’d like to learn more about, but can’t find a course, just let us know.

Mission Statement

Our vision is that health practitioners can develop the skills and knowledge to employ a variety of practical methodologies that safely bridge the gap between conventional Western medicine and holistic healthcare practices.

Through our training courses we aim to give practitioners, whatever their approach to health and wellbeing, the knowledge, skills and tools that will enable them to deliver the best possible approaches to resolve their patients or client’s health challenges.

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